Search Engines

Sometimes you just need a search engine to find some data… and since every one does things differently, here’s a giant list of them:

And due credit to Wikipedia, which helped me discover many of these.  Here you’ll find everything from the usual Googles and Bings to price searches, local search engines, scientific data respositories, and more.  You just have to play with each one to figure out what it does. 🙂

All systems below were active as of 2017-05-23.

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OSINT: Google and LinkedIn

This is the quick-hit version of the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) training I gave on using data from Google and LinkedIn to profile an individual or organization.  As with all of the formal training, you can use the below for a quick reference, or view the full presentation here: OSINT – Social Media (Google and LinkedIn) (basic_0x08)


Note: Do not use spaces between an operator (e.g. “-”) and the thing it operates on.  For example:

bob -dylan      # No Bob Dylan results
bob - dylan     # Bob Dylan shows up in results

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