I’m Brian Mork.  I’m a father, husband, hacker, and gamer, in that order.  I’ve held a variety of positions across the years, and co-founded a hacking team of some limited reputation, but if you’re at this site that’s not what you care about.  I started this site to augment the training I used to provide at TheLab.ms, but over time it’s grown to a bit more than that.

I’ll be the first to admit that the content updates come in bursts, so don’t expect this to be a daily stop by any means.  What I post and focus on falls into three categories, generally speaking:

  1. Hey, did you know you can…?
  2. I just figured out something and want to document it so I don’t forget later…
  3. I’ve gotten one (or many) questions about this topic, so I’m going to do my best to explain it/teach it to anyone who cares to read it.

Always happy to answer questions, but to avoid being spammed by bots I’m not putting an address or form here.  If you want to reach me just use my PGP key and email my name at the domain used by my team.  Thanks!

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