Team Cryptolingus officially maintains all records of challenges solved/defeated/etc on a private server. This page is presented solely as a list of challenges that have been solved by either myself (Hermit) or Team Cryptolingus, ones that are in progress, and ones that are in the backlog. Not all challenges are still available from the original source, and in such cases a notation is made as to whether or not an archive of the challenge was made prior to it being deprecated.

If you see a challenge that you’d like to participate in, or that you’d like help with that you are playing and is listed as solved here, please let me know.

SourceChallenge GroupChallenge ItemSolved %Available Via
Bradan Lane StudioseChallenge Coin 2020All Challenges100%Tindie
Bradan Lane StudioseChallenge Coin 2021All Challenges100%Tindie
Bradan Lane StudioseChallenge Coin 2022All Challenges100%Tindie
Over The WireBanditAll
Over The WireLeviathanAll
Over The WireNatasAll
Over The WireSemtexThrough Level
Enigma EmporiumPuzzle Postcards: Series 1All Challenges100%Buy Here
Enigma EmporiumPuzzle Postcards: Series 2All Challenges100%Buy Here
Enigma EmporiumCarte RougeAll Challenges30%Buy Here
Enigma EmporiumFunny PagesAll ChallengesBACKLOGBuy Here
Skull SecurityCryptoramaAll Challenges100%Private Archive
LMG SecurityNetwork Forensics ChallengesAll Challenges100%Private Archive
CheckPoint CSADEFCON 25 ChallengesAll Challenges100%Private Archive
ADSCrypto Scavenger HuntAll Challenges100%Private Archive
AmazonMicroCTFAll Challenges65%Private Archive
Attrition.orgDEFCON 26 Puzzle BadgeAll Challenges100%Private Archive
DerbyCon 9TrustedSec Challenge CoinAll Challenges100%Private Archive
DerbyCon 9DomainTools CTFAll Challenges100%Private Archive
Illuminati PartyMember CoinAll Challenges100%Private Archive
MatasanoCryptopals ChallengeAll Challenges100%Private Archive
Piqued SolutionsSeven Deadly SinsAll ChallengesUnknownPrivate Archive
Under The WireCenturyAll
Under The WireCyborgAll
Under The WireGrootAll
Under The WireOracleAll
Under The WireTrebekAll
Under The WireXandarAll ChallengesBACKLOG— NEEDED —

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