DerbyCon 9 – DomainTools CTF – Crypto

Continuing with write-ups for events from DerbyCon is the DomainTools CTF.  I’ll be contributing solutions for every challenge in the CTF, broken up by the same section names that they used.  When possible, I’ll also be creating CyberChef recipes to directly solve each challenge, and linking to them following the solution description.  First up: the crypto challenges!

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DerbyCon 9 – TrustedSec Challenge Coin Solution

This last weekend was the final DerbyCon.  We’ll #TrevorForget.  It was also an event filled with several quick and fun CTFs… and since I’ve been deficient in posting things lately, I figured I’d catch up by showing how to solve a whole pile of them.  First up: the TrustedSec Challenge Coin!  Attendees could get one of these by just showing up and asking for one, and there was a prize pack being awarded to anyone who could solve it.  I was the fifth to do so, and figured others might want to know how to get to the final message.

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