QuickHit: Things to Attack

Need a quick list of things to attack?  Try these. 🙂

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Wireless Hacking

This is just a quick post to provide the presentation I gave tonight at PwnSchool.  If you’d like to review it you can download it here.  Thanks!

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Radio Frequency
  • Wireless  Hacking (WEP and WPA2)
  • RFID Hacking (HID Prox and MIFARE)
  • Bluetooth Hacking (Bluelog/bluesnarfer/Wireshark/etc)

The Four Three Rule of Team PenTesting

Two posts in one night, because I’m catching up on some backlog items.  I’ve been teaching/training a team on PenTesting lately, and it’s caused me to think through some personal truths and approaches that I’ve taken for several years.  While going through that process I came to realize that I’d never really formally codified them; this is my attempt to do just that.  It all comes down to what I’m now going to call the “Four Three Rule of Team PenTesting”.

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RFI PHP Webshell Injector

Sometimes you just need a quick PHP webshell to complement your RFI vulnerability you’ve uncovered.  There are plenty of “fancy” ones with lots of features, but I prefer simple, effective, command-line equivalent access any day.  If you’re of that persuasion as well, just use this as the target of your RFI to give yourself Hermit’s Stupidly Simple WebShell (HSSWS).  Enjoy!

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