How to install Wget on Windows

Sometimes you just want to download a bunch of files without having to grab your linux box. Luckily, you can easily install WGet on windows and download content from web servers to your heart’s content.

Step 1 is to download wget. I grabbed the current (as of this writing) version from sourceforge here.

Running the .exe gets you a delightful goat picture to kick things off.
Click next and carefully read the License Agreement. Its important. Once you are satisfied with the legalese, click next again.

Choose where you want to install Wget or let it do its thing in the default folder shown below:
Choose if you want a full (binaries and all the things) or partial (dealer’s choice) install. After that, you can choose where to place the start menu shortcuts.
Finally, choose any additional tasks you want to run. Click next when you are ready.
Admin note: The next page may ask you if you want to uninstall any previous versions. If so, why are you looking at these instructions?

Double check that everything is correct on this last screen and click install to certify that you are a trained professional.
Let the install do its thing and then click finished. You can now use the command line in windows to run Wget by moving into its directory:
Now if you want to be really slick and run Wget from anywhere just like on your linux box, you need to update the path on Windows.

Go to your computer’s properties page like a boss.
From there, go to the far left and click Advanced System Settings. This leads to:
Click on Environment Variables to get to the paths screen.
Choose “Path”, Edit it, and add a new line that points to the Wget bin like this:
Click ok to confirm you know what you are doing and then go back to your command prompt. Voila! You can now use Wget from anywhere.

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