DEFCON 26 Badge Photos

I’ve been taking photos of all the badges/SAOs/Challenge Coins/etc I collected at DEFCON 26.  I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but in no particular order here are the images so far, with a quarter for size reference.  I’ll be making very high resolution images of most in the future, but now these will work.

  • DC26 Hack For Satan Imp Badge
  • DC26 Car Hacking Village
  • DC26 Human Badge
  • DC26 HackerWarehouse Badge
  • Krusty the It SAO
  • DC26 B0n Dragon Lady (PCB only)
  • DC26 DC801 Party Badge (Green)
  • DC26 S7a7eFarm Badge
  • DC26 Monero Badge
  • DC26 Challenge Badge
  • JoCo Pirate Monkey Badge
  • DE:AD:10:C5 Lock Badge
  • DC26 AND!XOR Bender Badge
  • Make Addons Shitty Again SAO
  • DC26 DCFurs Badge
  • DC26 Mr. Robot Badge
  • DC26 Stolen from DC801 Board
  • DC26 Lonely Hackers Club Badge
  • PhreakerLife Participant Badge
  • DC26 DFW Hackers Badge
  • DC26 GoonBox Badge
  • Fat Pikachu SAO
  • The Freeman Badge
  • DC26 SecKC/BadgePirates Badge
  • DC26 SecKC/BadgePirates SAO
  • DC26 SecKC/BadgePirates VIP Party Access SAO
  • DC26 HackerBox
  • DC214/Dallas Hackers Association Challenge Coin
  • d3c4f In Memoriam Challenge Coin
  • Brainfuck Interpeter NES Cartridge Badge
  • DC26 Flying Electronic Quad Copter Badge

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