Gpg4win/Kleopatra for Windows

So you need a quick way to generate your own pgp keys and want to do it on a Windows box? Browse over to this page and download the latest version of Gpg4win.
Installation is pretty straight forward.

You can stick to defaults for a quick install. Just make sure you have Kleopatra checked because that is the whole purpose of this write-up.
Click next and go to the next screen and choose your install location. Again, pretty straight forward stuff.
Hit install and wait a few minutes for the magic to happen.
At the end of the install you get the option to run Kleo. Go ahead and click finished to fire up Kleopatra.
Kleopatra will fire up and you will be presented with the following screen.
We want to make a new key pair so we can send and receive encrypted communications. Click on New Key Pair and enter your information if you so desire.
Click next to review the parameters and then next to set up a passphrase. In case it needs to be said, pick a strong one that you WILL NOT LOSE OR FORGET. Click create.
We now have a Key Pair. I recommend following the Next Steps but that’s just my opinion. So now how do you encrypt a message? Go back to the home window and click Notepad.
Write your message in the box and add recipients on the next tab like so:
When you sign and encrypt it, get something similar to this that you can copy into your preferred messaging service.

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