Quick ASCII Binary Tools

Just going to leave this here (and here) in case anyone needs a quick set of source-able functions to make quick ASCII->Binary and Binary->ASCII conversions from Linux command lines. 🙂

# Helper functions to allow quick conversion back and forth between binary and ASCII
# Derived from http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/98948/ascii-binary-tools
# Last modified 2018-06-19 
# Author: Hermit
chrbin() {
     echo $(printf \\$(echo "ibase=2; obase=8; $1" | bc))
ordbin() {
     a=$(printf '%d' "'$1")
     echo "obase=2; $a" | bc
ascii2bin() {
     echo -n $* | while IFS= read -r -n1 char
          ordbin $char | tr -d '\n'
          echo -n " "
bin2ascii() {
     for bin in $*; do
          chrbin $bin | tr -d '\n'


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